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(ages 3 - 4)

Class will focus on developing your childs independence as an artist while interacting with their peers.  Your child will focus on fine motor skills, learning shapes, colors and using their imagination.  They will be using mixed media, collage, painting, and molding clay

  • Class Time : 1 hr
  • Duration:  6 weeks
  • All Supplies included  
  • $75.00

( Please call if you are interested to set up a new class time.  We will be more than happy to accommodate if we can get at least four children!)    




Grades: K - 2

This class offers kids in grades K-2 the opportunity to create masterpieces in a variety of different mediums.  They will be introduced to clay, acrylic painting, watercolor, drawing, line art, design, collage, pastels as well as lots of glitter, glue and crafting.  Warning moms, this class is not recommended for kids who don't like making messes!  Please note this is a drop off class.

  • Class Time: 1 hr
  • Duration: 6 Weeks
  • Supplies included
  • $125.00

Exploring Art

Grades 3rd - 5th

This class is designed to be a fun creative outlet for students to develop new skills and talents while designing unique creations using a variety of wonderful age appropriate materials and tools. Each week’s lesson will focuses on one of the 8 elements of art (Texture, Form, Space, Shape, Color, Tone(value), Size, and Line).  

  • Class Time: 1 hr
  • Duration: 8 Weeks
  • Supplies included
  • $160



Grade: K

Art class specifically geared toward kindergarteners!  Lots of mess and imagination.  Projects will include painting, drawing, clay, mixed media, and textile arts.

  • Class Time: 1 hr

  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Supplies included
  • $125

Fine Arts I & II

I: Grades 3rd - 5th : 90 min./week - $200 per session

II: Grades 11 yrs +: 90 min./week- $200 per session

This program is for students in grades 3-5(F.A. 1) and 11+(F.A.II) who would like to learn new techniques in different mediums and build upon their skills.  Each class will have no more than 10 students.  Students have the ability each week to choose the project they wish to work on and the medium they would like to use. Throughout the class period, the instructor will circle the room working individually with each child.   Each project will take approximately 1-3 weeks to complete ( depending on project, artist, etc.) and students will begin building upon the skills and knowledge they already have.  By the end of the program, each student will have a portfolio of work  and will have a better understanding of what kinds of art and mediums they are interested in as well as the tools and knowledge needed to work in different mediums on their own at home (acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink, clay, charcoal, graphite, colored pencil). 

  • Class Time: 90 min
  • Duration: 8 weeks 
  • Rolling admission
  • All Supplies Included